Bathroom Trends to Consider

At INTOR Construction, we are completely committed to providing our residential and commercial clients the best options when it comes to our custom builds. We are pioneering the field in many areas, including modular container homes.

Part of the reason that we can give our clients such gorgeous designs is because we stay abreast of all the design trends. We know which materials and design elements are the most popular and the most likely to last for the long haul so that we can incorporate them into our new builds.

Here are a few of the more popular bathroom trends are residential customers are considering.

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Even a tiny powder room can make a huge statement. Adding things like highly contrasting elements and wallpapers with large-scale designs may be too bold for a larger room. However, in a small half bath, these elements really make the space sing.

Sticking to a Neutral Palette

Many people are now opting for an understated elegant look that can only be found by sticking to an al neutral palette. A popular option in bathrooms is to use a lot of marble tile or keep everything in a crisp white tone. While pairing textures and materials, you can still stick to the neutral palette and create a truly stunning look.

Going Bold and Black

This bathroom trend won’t be for everyone, and sometimes it works better in a commercial setting than a residential. The rich blacks give the space a sultry look that often makes it feel like a high-end spa.

Letting the Plumbing Show

Using plumbing features that stay exposed gives the bathroom a more industrial look while also keeping a vintage vibe. While this could look kitchy in a certain style of bathroom, it looks fantastic when it is paired with a mostly marble-tiled room that is sleek and modern.

Ditching the Chrome

Most bathrooms of the past used the shiny chrome fixtures or the brushed nickel fixtures, but one of the newest bathroom trends is turning these bathroom traditions on its head. The pewter and gunmetal options really give the space a new vibe that can’t be achieved with a brass or gold.

Keeping Things Open

Having a master ensuite that was open to the room was fairly popular in the 1980s. However, the open concept is having a bit of a resurgence. These newer renditions keep things even more open than what was being done in the 80s, but people enjoy the feeling of freedom it invokes to shower in the open air.

Choosing Statement Art

Up until this point, we have focused on structural aspects of the bathrooms, but there are design trends that are also making a big difference, such as adding statement art to the bathrooms. Adding a very colorful and sophisticated piece of art as a focal point in the room can totally makeover the space.

Ready for a Change?

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